The Order of the Sepulchre

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The Order of the Sepulchre is a fraternal organization of unknown origin and veracity that is focused on the collection of abandoned Tech-4 artefacts.


The Order has enjoyed a popular place in popular culture for thousands of years, and as such the name has been used countless times by various corporations, clubs and associations. As such the historical record is littered with hundreds of “Order of the Sepulchre”s, which makes research into the “true” Order incredibly difficult.

Fans and amateur historians from across the cluster claim that their world is the Order’s birthplace, but it is more commonly believed that it originated on (or near) Earth [ citation needed ].

According to the digibook “Sepulchre: Myth of Menace?” by the Gardenian author Pock Cadamus, the Order was founded shortly after Earth’s Ascension. Though the planet and Her habitants had disappeared, countless Tech-4 relics were left scattered throughout the Sol system. The Order was founded and tasked with locating, identifying, and destroying/quarantining these dangerous objects. In the millenia that followed other Tech-4 cultures would rise and fall, and the Order would continue its duty.

Since Tech-4 meltdowns occur only every few thousand years, Cadamus believed that Order had been dissolved several times, and that subsequent reformations shared only the name.


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The Order of the Sepulchre

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